• Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) terms and conditions apply to all customers, clients and end users of the services provided. 
  • All images and video remain the property of Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) and copyright remains with Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) unless explicitly contracted.
  • The image license agreement is between Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) and the contracting client.  By utilising this service or engaging Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) you agree to these terms.


  1. This license is exclusive, non-transferable, and individual. It gives you the right to use the photographs online or in print, for the sole purpose of marketing the property for sale.  Any other use is not permitted.  “Any other use” means using the images in any other way other than in marketing the property.  “Any other use” includes using images or video online or in print for promoting a web page, advertising an agency, advertising a product, town, or region, promoting or advertising a third-party business, product or service.
  2. This license is granted to you with a time limit based on the life of the property listing with your current contracting client (real estate agent) or until this agreement is terminated. This license allows you to manipulate, edit and crop the photographs.
  3. This licence does not authorise you or a third party to resell, sublicense, give, lend, sub-let, distribute the whole or part of any image or video, whatever its size and resolution without the express, written permission of Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) 
  4. If you remove your property from the market, or if the property is sold, you may retain a copy of the provided images and/or video for your personal use only. 
  5. The license contained in this Agreement may terminate automatically without notice from Brendan MacRae trading as RPSNAP (ABN 97097086709) if You fail to comply with any provision of this agreement or fail to pay any accounts or monies owed. Upon termination, you agree to immediately:
  6. Remove from any online platform and stop using all provided images and video.


This Agreement will be governed in all respects by the laws of Queensland.